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    Executive board

    The Executive Board is composed of one President, several Vice-Presidents as well as members of different countries, that is between 8 and 10 persons who are elected for a 2-year mandate, renewable twice.

    Its mission is

    • to carry out the policy of fighting all forms of poverty as specified in the guidelines,
    • to manage the association,
    • to lead the national associations,
    • to support grass roots projects,
    • training volunteers as well as being represented within international organisations.

    2015-2017 Executive Board:


    Alicia DUHNE (Mexico)

    International President

    Maria Eugenia MAGALLENES NEGRETE (Mexico)


    Coordinator for Training

    Aliette DE MAREDSOUS (France)


    Head of AIC International Representations

    Elisabeth GINDRE (France)



     Anne BEMMO (Cameroon)

    Coordinator for Africa

    Gayle JOHNSON (USA) 

    Coordinator for the USA


    Sumaia SAHADE ARAUJO (Brazil)

    Head of Communication


    Selina SUAREZ FERMIN (Venezuela)

    Coordinator for Latin America



    Laurence DE LA BROSSE (France)

    Past President

    Coordinator for Europe and the Middle East

     Tayde DE CALLATAY (Belgium)

    General Manager

    \ Father Alvaro Mauricio FERNANDEZ, C.M. (Colombia)

    Spiritual Advisor


    Sister Françoise PETIT, FdC (France)

    Spiritual Advisor



    To contact the Executive Board MAIL