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AIC /JMV Partnership in Cameroon

Started in February 2012, the partnership between AIC Cameroon and the Vincentian Marian Youth is going well, even if the distance between the different national councils makes it difficult to meet to discuss the terms of the partnership.

AIC Madagascar: 25th anniversary

AIC Madagascar has just celebrated the 25 years of existence “ Last Saturday was a GREAT DAY for us ,AIC  volunteers from Madagascar , 34 volunteers from the 14 groups werepresent , very happy to share this JOY with us;  As our Bishop said : it’s the  beginningof many other  greater actions toward the poorest ones and the medal wehave just received is in fact a” cross” because the task is heavy and only theHOLY SPIRIT will help us”.

AIC Cameroon

African Seminar

Keynote of the seminar:
Change the world...women can. African women...actresses for a change

New photo galery

During those four days (13-18 July 2009), the AIC volunteers coming from Madagascar, Tchad, RDC, Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria and Cameroon (a total of 40 delegates) took part on the works based on the systemic change.

Maybe a new word, maybe not! What one should remember from that new approach, is the process used by the trainers, a participative process which brought each participant to get involved in the definition of the systemic change, in its interpretation, and in its integration into our different activities on the field. In a question/answer play, works in groups or role-playing, the volunteers as well as the trainers tried, starting from examples of activities on the African field, to analyse the elements of the system, the relations existing between them as well as the mental blocks, the structures of the system and the place of the African woman which is an essential element in the system.

What we can say is that the system is made of various elements; those elements being inter-related, a small change in one of the relations can get to a change in the whole system, and we can also say that the system is bigger than the total of the elements that go into it.
Therefore, if we want to change the system, we need to start changing ourselves before changing other people. We do not need to change what we do but “how we do” and to look towards the coming time, the future.

In view of its importance, this African seminar, the first one on the African continent, has the merit not to bring a definitive solution to the AIC problems and to the difficulties encountered on the field, but to allow the participants to have a critical view on the way we are acting, to question our certainty on the process we generally use in our activities, in our relations with the beneficiaries and with the links of the AIC chain.

To end, the African AIC network, already operating for several years, has been reinforced and stimulated, it is now stronger to act more.


Jeanne d’Arc,
AIC Cameroon
Responsible for the North Region

AIC Madagascar

Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of AIC Madagascar in Manakara

This Sunday was Thanksgiving Day for all the volunteers in Madagascar.
Together with the parishioners of St Vincent de Paul Church, volunteers from Manakara and Vohipeno celebrated this jubilee with Monsignor Ramaroson Benjamin, the Bishop of the Diocese, and the regional chaplains. It was a joyful Mass, shared also with beneficiaries, mothers and all the children from the home.

Danse des volontaires de Madagascar There was a celebratory lunch for the guests, in particular those in charge of the various branches of the Vincentian Family, as well as benefactors from the town, project partners and others who contribute. As our Bishop said, the twenty years which have passed are just a step towards a new future which will require even more effort and courage from us, because nothing is easy when you are helping the poorest of the poor.
With faith in Providence, our actions will be even more effective.

« The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor … » Luke

Some figures :

1988=>15 street children,
one group, 4 volunteers
2008=>5000 children now in school,
15 groups, 130 volunteers

Manakara 30 March 2009
National Board

AIC Nigeria

From Traditional weaving to the watercress culture

In this country that offers a warm welcome, a new group, recently recognized by AIC, developed local well-organised teams where the activities run smoothly. As evidence, hundreds of women today benefit from multiple projects, which are as varied as they are effective. Those with nimble fingers give a new lease of life to a traditional culture, which was being lost, the art of weaving. Others create bracelets and necklaces. Some women, who were taught hairstyling by a volunteer, operate a hairdressing salon. Other than traditional farming, which includes rice, manioc, date and palm oil, an original project was set up which was to cultivate watercress. It can appear incongruous in Africa but this plant is sold at a very high price to the tourist hotels and the other places. All these projects have a remarkable common point. Production with sale, great freedom is left to the volunteers in their choice of management: purchase of material, taking orders, publicity. It is no longer made up of passive beneficiaries but women who have taken in hand their own small company. Among these initiatives undertaken thanks to a micro-credit, here is one, so easy and yet brilliant:

To finance her medical studies at University a young woman set herself up at the market with two mobile phones bought with a loan, she charged people who did not possess a mobile phone to make calls with her phones