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Activity Report

In 2015, we provided financial support for 18 actions started by AIC volunteers in 11 countries in Latin America and Africa, and in Ukraine.  4 field visits were made to Chile, Guatemala, Peru and Ukraine.   A film preview night and a bird-watching walk enabled us to raise awareness among new supporters, as well as funds to help achieve financial stability.

Activities Report 2017 (only in French)

Strategic Plan

Our priority is to support local AIC volunteers in developing their actions in the fight against poverty, taking care to promote their values and strengths.  We have developed a 3-year strategic plan to ensure that AIC Solidarité can operate well.  This benchmark tool sets out our vision and mission, our values, our objectives and what we do to achieve them.

AIC Solidarité Strategic Plan (only in French)

Annual Accounts

Our financial resources come exclusively from private contributions. AIC Solidarité does not receive public grants.  The grassroots actions that AIC Solidarité supports are co-financed by:

  • National member associations of the AIC network
  • Private donors, in Belgium or elsewhere
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Private foundations and trusts, in Belgium and elsewhere

AIC Solidarité complies with the Code of Conduct of the AERF, ‘Association pour l’Ethique dans la Récolte de fonds’ (Association for Ethical Fundraising). Donors have the right to information.  This means that at least once a year they will receive information about how the funds collected have been used.

Every year, our accounts are checked for accuracy by a registered auditor.  Our accounts and balance sheets are published with the Belgian National Bank (BNB) and may be found at:

Annual Accounts 2017 (only in French)