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‘Taking care of people with epilepsy’ – Health

Country: Cameroon

For several years, the AIC volunteers from the Bangante region have been supporting around 40 people with epilepsy. “Epilepsy is not an ordinary illness” a volunteer explained to us, “people who have fits are considered to be possessed”. Caring for and helping each other, becoming independent and raising awareness of the condition are therefore the challenges that the project seeks to address. Read more



TSIRY – Education

Country: Madagascar, south-east region

“Now, I am able to read and write. It’s so nice to feel valued and to be considered as a full citizen!” Since 2010, 2619 adults – mainly women – and 1145 children have taken part in the literacy program run by the AIC volunteers in the south-east of Madagascar. The children are given a wholesome meal every day, which motivates them and improves their health and their academic performance. The adults receive a small amount of capital (about 107€) at the end of the training program so that they can set up an income-generating activity (such as a vegetable garden, rice cultivation, fishing, raising poultry, etc.). Read more


‘Education, school canteens and training centre’ – Education

Country: Madagascar, Fianarantsoa

The AIC volunteers from Fianarantsoa have been working to help vulnerable children since 1990.  They have always focused their projects on empowerment through education.  They are convinced that to educate a child is to promote change in the community.

Alongside their school support, the volunteers have opened a canteen because “you can’t learn on an empty stomach”.  The children receive a meal, often their only meal of the day, which motivates them, improving both their health and their school results.

Since 2015, their actions have been made possible thanks to the partnership with the French association MADIA. Read more


‘Fighting Poverty and Promoting Sustainable Development’

Country: Madagascar, Manakara and Vohipenho (south-east region)

For many years, AIC volunteers from Manakara, mothers and older children have been growing rice, with the advice of technical staff, in order to protect the environment and achieve good yields.

The AIC Ambolosy Vohipeno group has encouraged the growing of staple foods and fruit trees. Each family also raises chickens, whose manure can be used, to make organic fertilizer, among other things.

The 2 AIC groups work with the green diocese, a project by the Farafangana diocese, aimed at protecting the environment. Read more