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Madagascar: Promoting the basic rights to education, a decent diet and an identity

The volunteers from AIC-Madagascar support primarily children who are not in school and their mothers.  They set up preschool centres, organise educational support to get children back into state school and provide a daily meal at the centres’ canteens.  They also offer scholarships to young students to allow them to access higher education.  Another service made available is the official registration of births.  The mothers meet every week and receive professional training on agriculture, rearing animals and manual work.  Workshops and meetings promote empowerment and better financial independence.

In the most remote regions of the south-east of the country, the volunteers have developed the TSIRY project, an extensive literacy project for children who are out of school and adults, mostly women.  The project is run in close collaboration with the local community.

The volunteers are convinced that educating children and training women leads to changes in the community.

All their activities are made possible thanks to funding received from donors, private foundations and other AIC associations through twinnings. More information about this project.


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