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The Vincentian Family presents its “Homeless Alliance” project at the European Parliament

“When we dream alone, it remains a dream; when we dream together, it can become a reality” Father Tomaz Mavric.

On 28th June 2017, the Vincentian Family met at the European Parliament to present its “Homeless Alliance” project. On the agenda: an exhibition of 40 photos of Vincentian projects from all over the world that are transforming people’s lives, the projection of a video presenting the Vincentian Family and speeches from several people who are directly involved in working to support homeless people.

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, insisted on the importance of Europe’s values, particularly that of putting human dignity, freedom and people at the heart of all the EU’s actions. “A lack of money is not the worst form of poverty.  All forms of poverty, like not having shelter, lead to the worst one, which is being abandoned.  We need to return to the essentials in our lives and promote charity to help the homeless… Inter-religious dialogue is a key for success in this objective”.

With the approval of this project for the 400 years of Vincentian charism, we trust that an authentic partnership with the European Parliament will bear its fruits so that we can say that our dream has become a reality.

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