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Enriching exchanges between France and Colombia

In 2014, the AIC group in Saint Valéry-en-Caux, Normandy, France, launched a twinning with the AIC group in Circasia, Colombia. Ties are being weaved across the continents, a window has been opened on the world.

The AIC Circasia group initiated the project “Voices of Peace and Liberty” in an underprivileged community where violence reigns. To encourage the children to dream of a better world, they organize several art and literacy workshops. Some activities are also offered to the parents in order to involve the whole community.

The wish of the St Valery group was to exchange about their projects, difficulties and differences in dealing with precariousness, while also providing long-term financial support to the Circasia group.

The first exchanges allowed the two groups to get to know each other. From the outset, reports were sent regularly to explain how funds were being used. The language barrier was overcome thanks to the daughter of a French volunteer who speaks Spanish.

Since then, the exchanges have become deeper – the Circasia group sent some Colombian Christmas recipes that will be used during a cooking workshop in St Valery. The French volunteers also met some artists from Circasia who were performing in St Valery. The world is so small in fact…

Inspired by this story? If you’re an AIC volunteer and your group would like to start a twinning with an AIC group in another country, please contact the AIC International Secretariat.

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