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St Vincent said to us: “Love is inventive, even to infinity”

AIC volunteers are constantly called to prove their inventiveness: in order to respond to new forms of poverty, to meet new challenges and to continuously improve their work on behalf of the most disadvantaged, notably by seeking to value their strengths, encourage their participation in the activities underway and adapt to their needs and requests.

This inventiveness has helped us to keep going and develop, for the last 400 years…

Here are a few examples…

Education: “Imagine” Project Brazil, Campina Grande (north-east)

Enabling 30 children and adolescents from a marginalized community to dream of “another world”: this is the mission of the “Imagine” project run by AIC volunteers from Campina Grande.  The activities are many and varied, including educational support, teaching about peace and citizenship, raising awareness about preserving the planet to guarantee a better future and art workshops to encourage artistic and cultural awakening.


Education: “Voices of peace and liberty” – Colombia, Circasia

In three disadvantaged districts of the town of Circasia, AIC volunteers have developed a project that allows women and children to learn to dream of a better world through activities that awaken their creativity (workshops with reading and writing, theatre, painting, etc.) and others which raise awareness about peace, citizenship and sustainable development. The aim is to promote education and respect of human rights in the community as a whole.


Environment: Planting trees to prevent soil erosion and making solar lamps – Philippines, Sta Rita, Pampanga 

Thanks to the support of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the AIC volunteers from the Pampanga region in the Philippines have started an eco-sustainable project of planting trees on the hillsides by the mega dikes to prevent soil erosion in zones at risk.

Electricity in the Philippines is expensive. With the advent of the use of solar energy as a source of light and the Philippines being a tropical country, the AIC group in Pampanga had the idea of asking the Technological Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to provide them with a trainer who could teach local people how to make solar lamps.

Raising Awareness: experiencing the life a person living in poverty – USA

In this innovative project, a month in the life of a person living in poverty in the United States is experienced through an interactive activity.




Food Distribution, Nutrition and Sustainable Development Actions – Belgium, Waremme

A recipe for quality food distribution that respects the environment: encourage a balanced diet, offer seasonal vegetables and fruit every week, allow beneficiaries to be involved and take part, develop individual capabilities through specific actions, create a welcoming, respectful and friendly atmosphere. This is what the volunteers from the AIC group in Waremme, Belgium do every week.

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