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St Vincent said to us: “Loving our neighbour is useless if we do not also commit to changing the situations of injustice we observe, be they social, cultural, economic or political”

As a civil society organisation, AIC takes part in global networks where it contributes to and helps coordinate the efforts of public and private bodies.  Through its presence in these institutions, AIC keeps abreast of international thinking in its areas of competence and receives information so it can continue to develop its own skills.

Through its representatives, AIC tries to raise public awareness of issues of poverty and exclusion.  AIC challenges both civil and religious international authorities, reporting on situations of poverty found by the volunteers.

More specifically, AIC representatives:

  • Apply pressure, offering testimonies from AIC associations working locally, and putting forward the point of view of those most in need, so that their voices are heard in discussions around international policies;
  • Take part in the global consideration of issues concerning our society, contributing their grassroots level experience;
  • Pass on to AIC the views of international bodies to guide its actions and its role in social transformation.

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