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Another Perspective on Human Migration: International Forum of NGOs in Official Partnership with UNESCO

Is it possible to change our perspective on human migration and see it as an opportunity for everyone, and not as a danger?

Around sixty NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO, including AIC, supported by experts, reflected on this question on 26th and 27th September in Tunis at the 9th International Forum of NGOs.

The wish is that migration is a choice and that it is safe!

Several representatives from African NGOs insisted on the question that needs to be asked: why do so many young people leave their countries, meaning that many dynamic people are lost? The importance of acting on the causes of migration were highlighted and there were presentations of interesting experiences of projects in countries of departure to encourage young people to stay.

AIC had proposed to present AIC-Italy’s project in Turin with young migrant women; unfortunately this project was not selected on this occasion, but it remains a good example of what can be done and what AIC volunteers are doing in destination countries.

Read more about AIC-Italy’s project in Turin or support it via a donation.

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