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Dominique Prize for Sustainable Development 2018

Thanks to all the AIC volunteers who sent their activities in the field of sustainable development. We were very happy to receive 19 projects from 12 different countries on 4 continents.

And the winners are:

BRAZIL, Curitiba: Community Vegetable Garden – The objective is to rehabilitate empty land used by criminals for illicit trafficking to create community vegetable gardens in partnership with the local government. The result is twofold: offering healthy food to 270 disadvantaged people from the community and making the district safer. The beneficiaries are involved in the maintenance of the land and the cultivation of vegetables. In the long term, the project will become autonomous through compost making and the sale of excess vegetables.

ITALY, Aragona: Vegetable Garden with a Social Purpose – This project is about promoting the social integration and independence of 55 disabled people by creating and cultivating an organic community garden. The project works as a network with the local government and the parishes and so has the support of citizens of all ages. The plan is to keep some of the seeds and organize the sale of the products from the garden to ensure the sustainability of the project, as well as to create a recipe book suggesting how to use the products that have been grown.

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