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Visit to AIC-Madagascar

Anne Bemmo, AIC Coordinator for Africa, and Agnès Dandois, Treasurer of AIC Solidarité, recently visited AIC-Madagascar to discover the association’s activities. In a country suffering from a lack of infrastructure and a difficult climate, the volunteers do all they can to fight against poverty and strengthen the level of education of the population.

AIC-Madagascar was founded in 1988 in Manakara by 4 volunteers. Today there are 150 volunteers organized in 12 local groups. Acting in response to the problems encountered at local level, AIC-Madagascar’s activities are centred on education and nutrition.

For children, the volunteers provide educational support to get them back into the school system, school support, canteens and assistance with obtaining birth certificates in order to be registered at schools. The volunteers also offer support to mothers and help them set up income-generating activities.

During their visit to groups in Antananarivo, Manakara, Vohipeno, Farafangana and Fianaransoa, Anne and Agnès were able to appreciate the strong links between the volunteers and the community spirit among the beneficiaries, despite contexts of severe poverty.  The volunteers try to involve the beneficiaries in their projects as much as possible to promote their autonomy.

Anne and Agnès also noticed the association’s ability to find local partners and funding to ensure that projects can continue in the long-term (notably with ASMAE).

Life in Madagascar is not easy, but every day, the local actions of the AIC volunteers help transform the lives of hundreds of Malagasy people for the better.

Click for more information about AIC-Madagascar’s projects, such as the extensive TSIRY literacy project, the canteen project in Fianarantsoa, and the sustainable development project in Manakara-Vohipeno, or to make a donation.

Did you know? With just 3€, you can provide a child in Madagascar with a healthy and nutritious meal every day for a month. Thank you for supporting AIC-Madgascar.

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