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AIC-Lebanon thanks the AIC network for the support following the explosion in Beirut

Nawal Sfeir, President of AIC-Lebanon, and Zeina Kreidy, Secretary, send their thanks to the whole AIC network for its support following the devastating explosion in Beirut last August.

“Dear colleagues at AIC International,

It is with great emotion and gratitude that we send you this short note to assure you that we will never forget your generous support for our association AIC-Lebanon after the explosion in the port of Beirut and the disastrous financial, economic and health situation of the Lebanese people.

55% of the population are now living in poverty. We try to continue to move forward thanks to our social centre and the medical-social centre (dispensary) in Karm El Zeitoun, Beirut.

In renewing our heartfelt thanks to you, we pray that you and your families will be under the continued protection of the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Nawal Sfeir, President, and Zeina Kreidy, Secretary”

“Thank you very much for your help! Without my tablet, I would not have been able to study. I send you a big kiss, thank you so much! Bye!”

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