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The AIC ‘Claire and Jean Delva Prize 2021’: preventing and combating violence against women

The Claire and Jean Delva Prize, awarded by AIC every two years, is intended to support initiatives from local volunteers aiming to prevent and/or combat violence against women. We are indeed convinced that fighting against all forms of violence suffered by women removes an obstacle to their empowerment and strengthens responses to the poverty they experience.

This issue has deepened since the beginning of the pandemic: data and reports show that all types of violence against women and girls have increased, especially domestic violence, following the compulsory lockdown measures decreed in most countries. In this very specific context, we wanted to support initiatives within the AIC network that aim to:

  • Promote prevention, awareness and training activities aimed at improving the condition of women who are victims of violence
  • Develop activities to support, welcome and care for women who are victims of violence
  • Include a specific element on combating violence against women in projects tackling poverty

In response to the call for projects for the Delva Prize 2021, we were happy to receive 9 projects, of which 3 from Africa, 5 from Latin America and 1 from Asia. After reading and carefully examining them, the members of the selection committee decided to award the prize to the following two projects:

BURUNDI, Giheta60 beneficiaries: A project to raise awareness and provide training in income generating activities to young women who are victims of violence. Sewing workshops, on the one hand, will enable beneficiaries to produce school uniforms. Raising goats and pigs, on the other hand, will enable them to produce manure as fertilizer, to reproduce and sell cattle. Awareness raising campaigns will take place through meetings, workshops and the community radio “Voice of the Woman”.

PERU, Awajun-Riojas/San Martin360 beneficiaries: In the indigenous Awajun community, male chauvinist culture is very present. In cooperation with local authorities and educational institutions, and with the support of the Daughters of Charity, the project aims to prevent violence through training in gender equality and respect for women. Awareness raising workshops will be organized in schools, aimed at professors as well as pupils. Income generating activities (cosmetics, baking and sewing) will support the professional reintegration of women who are victims of violence.

These two projects show the importance of both raising awareness on the topic of violence against women among as wide an audience as possible, and setting up concrete actions that aim to provide comprehensive support and to empower women who are victims of violence.

We warmly congratulate the volunteers from Giheta (AIC Burundi) and Awajun (AIC Peru). We thank all those who submitted a project, as well as all the AIC volunteers who are committed to tackling violence against women.


You will find below a brief description of the other projects received:

COLOMBIA, Cartago: Building capacity and supporting the commercialization of products from the micro-entreprises of 34 women, who are mothers of children with disabilities.

COLOMBIA, Circasia: Empowering 40 women who have a low income and reintegrating them onto the labor market, thanks to a training course on making cleaning and beauty products, labelling and commercialization.

ECUADOR, national level: Training volunteers from the 22 local AIC groups on the topic of violence against women, by holding seminars in person and/or online.

NIGERIA, Adule-Abuja: Improving the livelihoods of 40 women and 10 men who are victims of forced displacements, by providing them a training course that aims to improve their autonomy, nutrition and health.

NIGERIA, Enugu: Providing educational support and paying school fees for 30 young girls and 20 young boys, in order to get them off the street and avoid human trafficking. There is also a focus on empowering parents.

PERU, Pisco: Empowering 80 women in precarious situations who are victims of violence, by giving them training on citizenship, empowerment and the creation of income generating activities (raising chickens).

PHILIPPINES, Calauan: Supporting 20 young girls who are victims of sexual abuse and mistreatment and who are living in a crisis centre, by providing them artistic, culinary, spiritual and convivial activities. This psycho-social, emotional and economic approach aims to restore their faith in a better future.

Let these initiatives inspire us and encourage us to stay attentive and proactive to advance the cause of women!

Together we can bring about change. Each of us has a role to play.

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