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Support for Ukraine: Many thanks for your solidarity!

We would like to send our warmest thanks to all the people and AIC associations from all over the world who have sent donations to support AIC Ukraine. Your donations have enabled local volunteers in the West of the country to support refugees fleeing the conflicts in the East, by offering them medicine, hygiene products, food and blankets, beds, etc. Your donations also allow us to pay the rent of some of the accommodation.

Volunteers are organizing the exit of women and children from the country and provide them with a small budget to cover their first expenses.

At the same time, they are supporting the men who have to stay in the country to be at the disposal of the army, with the aim of offering them decent living conditions and helping them to find a job or an occupation while waiting to be mobilized.

Finally, volunteers are assisting people who have not been able to leave the besieged areas by organizing the transport of basic goods to these areas, especially Kharkiv. They are also trying to facilitate their evacuation to safer places.

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