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The Claire and Jean Delva Prize 2023: raising awareness on violence against women and supporting victims

One in three women in the world is a victim of violence. Be it within the family, the school system, when receiving an inheritance or in the workplace, women and girls are often discriminated against, excluded or put in danger. In this context, the Claire and Jean Delva Prize, awarded every two years, supports initiatives within the AIC network that aim to combat violence against women. It is fully in line with the commitment of our association. We are convinced that fighting against all forms of violence suffered by women removes an obstacle to their empowerment and strengthens responses to the poverty they experience.

In 2023, we wanted to support initiatives aiming to:

  • Promote prevention, awareness and training activities aimed at improving the condition of women who are victims of violence
  • Develop activities to support, welcome and care for women who are victims of violence
  • Include a specific element on combating violence against women in projects tackling poverty

In response to the call for projects for the Delva Prize 2023, we were happy to receive 15 projects: 8 from Africa and 7 from Latin America. After reading and studying them carefully, the members of the jury selected the two following winners:

AIC-Madagascar, Fianarantsoa: “Moral and financial support for 15 women who are victims of violence and 15 teenage rape victims” – The project’s beneficiaries are 15 mothers of children being schooled at the centre run by AIC volunteers, and 15 teenage girls residing at the home managed by AIC. Awareness-raising campaigns in schools and sessions to raise awareness about women’s rights will be organised, as well as psychological, legal and medical support for rape victims. At the same time, income-generating activities (soap-making) will give the women who have been victims of violence a chance to enter the job market and gain financial independence.

AIC-Peru, Ica: “Promised Land” – The aim of the project is to design a programme to prevent physical and psychological violence for 60 families from the San José del Tambo association in Tierra Prometida, empowering them through personal and professional development workshops. Training in income-generating activities will also be organised for the women, while training in self-control and anger management will be organised for the men.

These projects show us once again the importance of both raising awareness of this issue among the widest public possible, and taking concrete actions that provide comprehensive support and empower women who are victims of violence.

Our warmest congratulations go to the volunteers in Fianarantsoa (AIC-Madagascar) and Ica (AIC-Peru), and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the AIC volunteers involved in preventing and combating violence against women.


We share below a list of other projects received that also caught the attention of the jury:

AIC-Bolivia, Trinidad: Contributing to the empowerment of women through income-generating activities in the Nueva Trinidad district, in particular by producing and selling meals.

AIC-Cameroon, Banyo: Enhancing the living conditions of 10 women and 10 children, by offering them activities designed to improve their level of independence, their diet and their health.

AIC-Cameroon, Maroua: Preventing gender-based violence (GBV) and promoting socio-economic reintegration of girls and women who are either at risk or victims/survivors of violence in the Far North region of Cameroon.

AIC-Cameroon, Yaoundé: A support and empowerment project for women and girls who are victims of violence against women in the Yaoundé VII district.

AIC-Central African Republic, Bangui: Improving living conditions for women and girls in Bangui’s 9th district. Improving access to essential protection services for women and girls in emergency institutions in the Central African Republic.

AIC-Madagascar, Anosizato: Strengthening the professional skills of vulnerable young people and women at the AIC social centre.

AIC-Madagascar, Mananjary: Offering vocational training to young victims of violence and creating income-generating activities.

AIC-Mexico, Chihuahua: Providing a dignified and welcoming place for teenage victims of sexual abuse and their young children, ensuring that their stay is a positive experience for their development, learning and self-esteem. Organising beauty care, computer and baking workshops to develop the girls’ skills.

AIC-Mexico, Jiménez: Offering mothers, children and teenagers at the San Vicente de Paul centre a dignified living space where they can receive food, shelter, care, education and more, and thus escape the violence and illegal child labour that are common in the region.

AIC-Mexico, Tuxpam: Generating change in women’s living situations, both from a physical and emotional perspective, through various activities that promote the prevention of violence against women.

AIC-Nigeria, Onitsha: Supporting through income-generating activities 30 women and their children who are discriminated against as widows or divorcees, and who suffer from financial poverty, hunger and poor health.

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