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AIC Solidarité is a non-profit association under Belgian law.  It was founded in 2004 and works in the field of international solidarity.

It belongs to the international AIC network, which fights against poverty and brings together over 100,000 volunteers in 4 continents. These mostly female volunteers belong to civil society and freely commit themselves to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged people.  It is these volunteers who, when faced with a situation of poverty in their immediate surroundings, act to initiate local responses to address the needs identified.

AIC Solidarité works with the leaders of the AIC International network, following the same Priority Lines of Action: “Promoting education as a two-way process based on the strengths of each one and on the principles of Social Justice.

AIC Solidarité provides direct support to local civil society.  It does not act “in the name of”, but builds on the energy already present in society.

Its vision is: “With women, a fairer world”. As part of AIC, it strives to be a transforming presence of Christian inspiration in society, working mainly with women, through projects and development actions in which the beneficiaries are fully involved.

It also collaborates at local and global levels, participating in networks and getting involved in public policy or civil society programmes, so that together we can build a fairer world.

Its mission is to support local AIC volunteers in developing countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  AIC Solidarité offers these volunteers tools to undertake high-quality work to fight poverty, especially through education and training.

In specific terms, its actions focus on:

  • Strengthening the skills of volunteers in the AIC network
  • Exchanging best practices
  • Learning more about the work of AIC volunteers
  • Improving communication about AIC’s grassroots actions
  • Seeking funding for AIC’s grassroots actions