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One of AIC’s most important missions is to train the 100,000 volunteers around the world who belong to our AIC network, to help them in their work of fighting against the situations of poverty they encounter in their local areas.  Our publications are a vital tool for spreading this training, which includes spiritual, technical and human elements.

AIC’s institutional documents are also available here, as well as documents describing our work and the identity of our association.

Training Booklets

Our training booklets cover various topics, with the aim of improving the work our local volunteers do on the ground to support people who are living in situations of poverty.

We try to encourage the inclusion of elements such as developing the strengths of the local community, education as a two-way process and systemic change.


Spiritual reflections

Our association was founded in 1617 by Saint Vincent de Paul, who had a prophetic vision of service to people living in situations of poverty.  400 years later, our volunteers are still walking in his footsteps, following his charism and putting his way of working into practice with those most in need.

AIC therefore considers that it is vital to offer spiritual formation to help people understand the essentials of the charism we have inherited from our founder and to reflect on how to live by it today in the concrete actions that AIC volunteers undertake with the most disadvantaged people.


Activity Report and Institutional Documents

This is where you can find documents which allow you to get know our activities better, as well as how we work at international level.



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