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“Working together” against poverty and enabling synergies is important so AIC groups from different countries form special relationships within a culture of solidarity.  These bonds facilitate greater mutual understanding and closer collaboration between the groups involved.

Groups interested in establishing a twinning share their expectations with each other and agree on the commitments they want to make.  Good communication between twinned groups is essential.

Twinnings can have a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Financial support or gifts in kind
  • Shared training
  • Exchanges of experiences
  • Friendship
  • Shared responsibility for a specific project
  • Visiting each other
  • Mutual understanding of the countries involved
  • Cultural exchanges, etc.

Often many different objectives can be achieved at the same time. Volunteers are invited to be creative!

Twinnings can be one-off or longer-term collaborations. They can also change over time.

Existing twinnings


Table of AIC Twinnings


Madagascar – France: Invisible treasures

Motivated by the huge needs observed in Madagascar and the great potential of its AIC association, AIC-France association started supporting the training of AIC-Madagascar’s leaders and volunteers, encouraging their participation in various international events and seminars. At the same time, the French volunteers began to support nutrition, literacy and social advancement programmes in Madagascar.

“We gave a great deal in terms of material, economic and physical resources, but we received so much more at a human level in terms of the love we shared and the invisible treasures we were able to gather”. (Testimony from a French volunteer)  Read more

Madagascar – USA: Schooling for children

The Ladies of Charity of the United States (AIC USA) began their relationship with AIC Madagascar in 2003. Since then, the volunteers of AIC USA have been contributing annually to support women and children in Madagascar. They mainly fund schooling for children and have set up school canteens, but have also helped to rebuild huts damaged by cyclones.  Read more

Dominican Republic – Spain: Margarita Naseau Preschool

Since 2012, two AIC Spain groups in Granada have been twinned with an AIC Dominican Republic group in Villa Duarte. The Spanish volunteers help fund the meals and education of children at the “Casita infantil Margarita Naseau” Preschool. The Dominican volunteers send them photos and tell them about their needs, enabling the Spanish volunteers to take part in the activities of the preschool as if they were there.  Read more