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AIC volunteers at grassroots level work locally to meet real needs on the ground. Our projects are mainly in the fields of education, health and social inclusion. Many AIC activities also have a personal involvement aspect, such as home visits, especially to older people, and visits to hospitals or prisons.

At the moment, there are over 12,000 activities underway in 56 countries, in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the USA. They are undertaken by local AIC volunteers, in response to the situations of poverty they encounter in their own communities. Belonging to an international network encourages exchanges of experiences and best practices, creates synergies and promotes mutual support, leading to a global approach to the fight against poverty.

70% of the beneficiaries of AIC’s work are women and their children, who are those most commonly affected by poverty and injustice. AIC is committed to helping them seek self-improvement and independence, in the firm belief that they themselves are vital participants in the fight against poverty.

Features of AIC actions

  • Priority for education and training: AIC believes that education is key to preventing and fighting poverty. Education is not simply the vertical, passive transmission of knowledge; it means learning from others, just as much as teaching others.

Through teaching one learns, through learning one teaches.” (Paulo Freire).

  • Developing local strengths: convinced that each person has within them the capacity to find solutions to their own problems, AIC volunteers seek to encourage participation by the beneficiaries, so that together they can do what is needed to get out of poverty.
  • Emphasising local and team working: locally-based AIC volunteers are the most familiar with the economic, political, social and religious circumstances of their communities and they are organised in groups to implement actions effectively.
  • Giving full attention to the person: volunteers develop personal relationships with those they support, taking into account their material, human and spiritual needs, and respecting their cultural identity.
  • Creating social bonds: the causes of poverty are not just economic. Poverty is also manifested in isolation for individuals.  One of the aims of AIC’s work is to try to encourage the creation of social bonds, helping people to feel part of a community.

On the ground



Other projects in Africa

‘Taking care of people with epilepsy’ – Health

Country: Cameroon

For several years, the AIC volunteers from the Bangante region have been supporting around 40 people with epilepsy. “Epilepsy is not an ordinary illness” a volunteer explained to us, “people who have fits are considered to be possessed”. Caring for and helping each other, becoming independent and raising awareness of the condition are therefore the challenges that the project seeks to address. Read more




Other projects in Latin America

‘Solidarity in Production and Stronger Communities’ – Training

Country: Dominican Republic, North and East regions

 This is a huge professional reintegration project run by AIC Dominican Republic since 2014. More than 560 people who were excluded from the job market have benefited from professional training as well as educational workshops on participative and cooperative management, human and family rights, etc. The objective is to find a job in the private sector or to create an income-generating activity from home. Read more




Other projects in Asia

AIC Philippines – Nutritional Program for Children – Health

Country: Philippines 

A proper diet makes children alert, active and enthusiastic
The AIC Philippines National Nutritional Program began in 2014. It has developed from occasional food distribution on specific days to a national program operating regularly in an increasing number of AIC groups. The volunteers work to provide a better life to 500 or more children. They realized that a regular well-organized program was the best way to bring about a real improvement their health. Read more.




Other projects in Europe and Middle East

‘No one is a stranger’- Welcoming Migrants

Country: Italy, Turin

In a block of flats in the city of Turin, 40 families from all over the world, mostly single mothers with children, are learning to live together with the help of AIC volunteers. Different services are on offer to help them with social integration, gaining independence and entering the job market: personal support, language classes, professional training, administrative assistance and other activities to encourage integration. For the children, the volunteers offer help with homework and recreational activities. Read more





Other projects in the USA

Poverty Simulation – Raising Awareness

Country: USA

In this innovative project, a month in the life of a person living in poverty in the United States is experienced through an interactive activity. Read more