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Sustainable Development: Installation of pipelines and construction of a reservoir

Country: Laos, Nampath

The aim of the project is to provide access to piped, quality drinking water for the entire village of Nampath, which has a population of around 500. After finding a natural spring in a nearby mountain, the villagers worked with the local authorities and with the support of AIC Japan to install pipes and build a reservoir to bring the water to the village. Read more


Networking within the Vincentian Family: Rebuilding houses damaged by typhoons

Country: Philippines, Naga City

The objective of this project is to build 25 resilient homes for people whose homes were destroyed during the passage of super typhoons Quinta and Rolly in the Philippines in 2020. The project was set up in cooperation with the city of Naga, a local parish, AIC USA and the Vincentian Family Homeless Alliance. Thanks to these new homes equipped with toilets, a bedroom and access to water and electricity, beneficiaries now have decent living conditions. Read more


Health: Nutritional Program for Children

Country: Philippines 

A proper diet makes children alert, active and enthusiastic

The AIC Philippines National Nutritional Program began in 2014. It has developed from occasional food distribution on specific days to a national program operating regularly in an increasing number of AIC groups. The volunteers work to provide a better life to 500 or more children. They realized that a regular well-organized program was the best way to bring about a real improvement their health. Read more


Environment: Trees to Prevent Soil Erosion

Country:  Philippines, Sta Rita, Pampanga 

Thanks to the support of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the AIC volunteers from the Pampanga region in the Philippines have started an eco-sustainable project of planting trees on the hillsides by the mega dikes to prevent soil erosion in zones at risk. Read more


Supporting Victims of Violence and Abuse

Country: Philippines, Southern Tagalog Region, Laguna Province, Calauan

“Lord, I hope that I will have a new family”. “I hope to finish my education”. “I wish to be with my siblings again”. These are some testimonies from young girls living in the Crisis Center. Read more


Solar lamp making project: “We dream big, start small!”

Country: Philippines, Guagua, Pampanga, Ilaw

Electricity in the Philippines is expensive. With the advent of the use of solar energy as a source of light and the Philippines being a tropical country, the AIC group in Pampanga had the idea of asking the Technological Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to provide them with a trainer who could teach local people how to make solar lamps. The project began in April 2016. Read more


Sorting Waste for Better Sustainable Development

Country: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Southern region

This project aims to establish a waste sorting policy with two bins of different colors for organic and inorganic waste, encouraging people to sort their rubbish to promote sustainable development. Read more