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Food Distribution and Sustainable Development Actions

Country: Belgium, Waremme

Recipe for quality food distribution that respects the environment: encourage a balanced diet, offer seasonal vegetables and fruit every week, allow beneficiaries to be involved and take part, develop individual capabilities through specific actions, create a welcoming, respectful and friendly atmosphere. This is what the volunteers from the AIC group in Waremme, Belgium do every week. Read more


Eating Healthily

Country: Egypt, Cairo

The aim of the project is to improve the living conditions of ten women in the Beaulac district of Cairo, through an income-generating activity. The women prepare healthy dishes full of fruit and vegetables for 1000 pupils and 50 teachers at the “Collège Saint Vincent de Paul” secondary school. These dishes allow pupils and teachers to eat in a healthier way, and the profits generated give the women beneficiaries an income to support their families. Read more


Common Vegetable Garden

Country: France, Saint-Valery-en-Caux, Normandy

The AIC volunteers from Saint-Valery-en-Caux in France have set up a vegetable garden for people living in poverty. The objectives are clear: provide healthy and seasonal fruits and vegetables and valorise the vegetable garden, the people that work in it and the food that is produced.

The project allows the people involved to gain nourishment and benefit from seasonal, high quality vegetables. For everyone it’s a way of recovering everyday skills… and those of the past which have been lost, even in a rural area.

It is an easy activity to implement in terms of resources, but it requires consistency and some humility in the face of the vagaries of nature, as no two years are ever the same. It is a way of learning to live with the rhythm of the seasons. Read more


Breakfast with a smile’ – Combatting contemporary forms of poverty

Country: Italy, La Spezia

Offering coffee and a smile to those who have nothing: such is the objective of the project Colazione con il Sorriso (“Breakfast with a smile”), created by Italian AIC volunteers. Four mornings a week, a small group of AIC volunteers welcome about 40 homeless people, offering them a drink and cookies, a homemade dessert and sometimes unsold bakery products. This warm and friendly atmosphere makes them feel like they are no longer invisible, and has already enabled some of them to find a job and a home. Read more


‘We are here’ – Sustainable development

Country: Italy, Biella

The “Firewood for All” project, known today as “We are here”, aims both to reintegrate unemployed people into the job market and to supply firewood to disadvantaged families in the province of Biella. Unemployed people are trained to maintain green spaces and forests, and the wood harvested through these activities is distributed to families in difficulty. Read more



‘No one is a stranger’ – Welcoming Migrants

Country: Italy, Turin

In a block of flats in the city of Turin, 40 families from all over the world, mostly single mothers with children, are learning to live together with the help of AIC volunteers. Different services are on offer to help them with social integration, gaining independence and entering the job market: personal support, language classes, professional training, administrative assistance and other activities to encourage integration. For the children, the volunteers offer help with homework and recreational activities. Read more


Educational support – Education

Country: Lebanon, Beirut

For several years, Lebanon has been going through an unprecedented economic, social and financial crisis, which has plunged 80% of the population below the poverty line. This situation has been compounded by the Covid-19 crisis. The AIC Lebanon volunteers see in the youth of their country the hope of a better future, and want to promote access to education for children and young people. Read more



Oasis of Peace’ – Education and Health

Country: Ukraine, Kharkiv – East of the country 

“My dream is that there are no more misunderstandings or wars between countries; that politicians discuss things, rather than send out soldiers; that there are no more bombs; that Ukraine becomes a peaceful country”. Words of one of the children at the Oasis of Peace centre. Read more


Living Simply and Sustainably in Solidarity with the Poor

Country: United Kingdom

It is not an excuse to say that taking care of the world is too much for one person, on the contrary, everyone can get involved for the planet.

Together, we will achieve a positive outcome for the viability and sustainability of our planet. Read more