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AIC strives to be a transforming presence in society.  Inspired by Christian values, we work mainly with women, locally and globally, and through empowering activities, so that together we can build a fairer world. AIC’s Mission is to combat all forms of poverty and exclusion, following the example of Saint Vincent de Paul and the teachings of the Church.
As an organization, AIC works at different levels: local, national and international. Learn more about the structure of our network.

The members of the AIC network are national associations which bring together the local groups of volunteers in one country. AIC currently has 56 members.  Explore them all.
AIC is an association of lay women that was founded by Saint Vincent de Paul in 1617.  It is over 400 years since the sermon that inspired Saint Vincent to form the first group… Find out more about our history.
AIC is part of the Vincentian Family, a community of over 2 million people who belong to the associations founded by Saint Vincent de Paul and the many other associations inspired by his project. Read more about the Vincentian Family.